Hello, and welcome to my website.

With 10 years of composing music, a BA (Hons) First Class in Music Composition, and 4 years of successful
broadcasted music both on the radio and online, I am an extremely versatile and talented composer. Although
my speciality resides in writing orchestral music, my varying work over the years has helped me to incorporate
many other styles and genres. I have excelled, with industry-level experience, in orchestration and copying on
the Sibelius notation program and I am extremely proficient, using Logic Pro 9. I have perfect pitch and a great
ear for what works musically. I am very sensitive to the needs of every project I work on and always strive to
create music that will have the biggest impact on its audience. I never take a ‘that will do’ approach, and am
hungry to prove myself as a very capable and gifted composer.

The music on my website is a collection of work, past and present, including my vast range of pieces signed to
Jellybox Music library, my latest solo piano ventures, as well as a selection of my broadcasted works.

Feel free to browse through my music. If you are looking for an enthusiastic musician to help transform your
work, please contact me via the contact link above.

Thank you – I hope you like what you hear!

Tom Marek